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This made me excited. Of course I know it's possible that he could be crazy, or just stirring up things to get people talking... but this person is an astronaut from Roswell, so I think it's also possible that he knows what he's talking about.
I've always believed in conscious life on other planets, personally. I'm very doubtful but curious to see if anything actually happens in regards to this, but as is usually the case with this sort of thing, unfortunately I'm sure it will be quickly dismissed and if it is true, it will be a long time before the government admits to anything.
What do you guys think?
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Worlds biggest skeptic time...

honestly i think that the government likes to fuck with us so they randomly pay people to say stuff (former people from Roswell) so they can keep the attention off what they are really doing ( genetic engineering, the "aliens" are really just their failed experiments) the weather balloon really just a poor cover up for what they were really building. awesome planes they didn't want the Russian or Germans to know about. aliens are all a figment of the governments twisted imagination. big foot is really just a hairy nudest that just wants to be left alone. Moth man was another failed government experiment. the NJ devil was really a goat fetus. and elchupacobra is really just Dracula, he can trust human blood anymore. and ghost are real either. there actually just demons trying to scare you.
End of my semi funny silly rant... i hope it made you laugh.. just a little bit :P
No wai, aliens are for realz.
I did find the Bigfoot being a hairy nudist pretty amusing. Probably not far from the truth. I can imagine him having a barbecue out in the woods, wearing nothing but a "kiss the cook" apron.