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Tired ramblings of recent occurences.

I spent Easter weekend at my parents' house. It was nice over all, but towards the end of the weekend it was a good reminder of why I can't live there. (Hint: Dad and Julia can be dicks. I'll leave it at that.) Spending time with Mom was nice though. We go for walks together quite a bit and we went shopping at one point too. She also showed me all of the remodeling they're doing on the house, so things are looking quite different now. Julia's boyfriend Max was staying over, so after Julia went to bed, he, Mom and I had some wine he brought with him from France, then he and I watched Knocked Up.

I also got to visit Felix for the first time since Christmas break. We watched Dune, which was the most unintentionally hilarious movie I've ever seen. I wonder who watched it and could actually take it seriously, because Felix and I were laughing the whole way through, and I don't see how anyone else would honestly be able to keep a straight face while watching that thing. Constant inner monologues from every character, floating evil fat people, and flying killer dildos? Oh, and Sting too!
We also watched some of his Dad's home movies from the 60's, had some pasta and tofu that his Dad made for dinner, and Felix drew me some pictures of cute animals.

Over the week Irena and Jenny came over, Irena during the first part of the week and then Jenny on Thursday and Friday. Jordan and I went out to dinner with Dave and Irena downtown. On the walk back up we stopped and sat on the rock wall on the side of someone's house and talked for a while. It was nice to just chill out with friends for a bit, I'm glad the weather is finally getting nice too.

When Jenny came over we watched the movie Paprika, which we all really liked. Then the guys went to bed so Jenny and I stayed up and played Castle Crashers, and the next day we played Left 4 Dead, and went out for Japanese food at a cafe a few minutes away from here.

This weekend was considerably less exciting, but at least I finished some art I'd been working on and got a good amount of cleaning done. Tomorrow after class I might spend some time with Brianne, hopefully.

Oh, and I helped stop a plagiarizer! There's a poet I watch on Deviant Art whose writing has been getting stolen by other people, which has really upset her. She posted links to websites that were using her poetry and claiming it was theirs. One girl had posted a few of the real poet's writings under different titles, and seeing that made me really angry that people would steal someone else's work and then flaunt it like it was their own. So last night I left a comment on her page asking her if she was having fun stealing other people's words, and told her she should go apologize to the real author, then reminded her "Plagiarism is a crime, you know." This morning, this is all that's left of her page:
No argument, no response, nothing.
She didn't have any other comments there at all beside mine, so I don't know if it was just me who told her she'd been caught, but it seemed that way. Either way, I feel really happy that I called someone out for stealing and the very next day they just disappear and shut the whole thing down. And she'll probably do it again eventually, but maybe she'll at least think twice about it next time.

That's all for tonight. I'll try to post again soon.
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Paprika is an awesome movie. Takes a couple watchings to make complete sense though. I'm glad you had a nice couple weeks <3
I agree, I really like Paprika, but it can be confusing in a lot of scenes. It's so much fun to watch though!
dont forget the awesomeness of Patrick Stuart in the original Dune! i will admit this to you. i am a fan of that movie the scifi remakes were really good and the books are AMAZING!!!! ps. Lato (maude's son in children of dune... so gorgeous.. but you would also know him as Mr. Tomnus.)
Oh yeah, I did think it was cool that Patrick Stuart was in Dune, but too bad that his part was so short!
Hmm, I do like me some Mr. Tumnus.