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Summer vacation back to NY

Just got back from a week of vacation, Jordan and I went back to New York to spend time with family. Julia is back home from France for the summer. Grandma Della, Aunt Annie and Tomiko have moved back to New York from Florida, so I got to visit with them too, which is nice. My cousin Nic just graduated from high school, so we had a party at my parents' house. It's so weird to see him becoming an adult, I still remember him being a shy, tiny five-year-old when I first met him, and now he's so grown up and I'm so proud of him. He, his brother and their father are some of the only people from my Mom's side of the family I actually like (well their Dad is actually my Mom's brother-in-law, but he still counts), so it's good to see him succeed. It was nice to catch up with Annie, she's so fun and really easy to talk to. It was good to see Tomiko, too, especially since I haven't seen her in over a decade. It's also always really nice to spend time with my parents. The day after the party, I went on a hike with Dad and Julia, and our last night I stayed up late to talk with Mom about relationships, the future, family, until we almost fell asleep in the living room.
Hmm, what other random things happened?
-My friend Sharon made me Sailor Moon-themed jewelry: two pendants, one Moon-themed, and one Jupiter-themed.
-My parents have a pair of spears and a wooden device used to propel them, called an atlatl. The spears and atlatl were given to them by my friend Sara, whose Dad actually makes them by hand. Sara was at the party, and I happened to ask if she or her Dad would be able to teach me how to use an atlatl sometime. She said "Wait, your parents have one. Why not do it right now?" So we grabbed the spears and atlatl, took it outside, and ended up throwing spears across my parents' back yard. Sara said I was pretty good at it, and I have to admit, there's something really primal and satisfying about hurling a spear through the air, especially when it lands right where you want it to. Everyone else got to try, it was pretty fun, and it reminded me of practicing archery in high school, which is a hobby I would love to pick up again.
-Went shopping with Julia, Sharon and Brianne, and considering I don't have any super close female friends around here, as cliche as it might sound, shopping with my lady friends is really something I miss doing.
-Had a fun hike at Watkins Glen with my family, Jordan, and Brian. I love being out in nature, and spending time with some of my favorite people. We walked around the docks afterward, and Jules and I found a fortune teller machine like the one in "Big", and got our fortunes read. I don't remember mine exactly, but I have the card the machine gave me, and Julia took a video of "Zoltar" talking to me. We also ate at Mr. Chicken, which is always one of my favorite parts of going to Watkins Glen.
We spent time with Jordan's family for half of the trip, too. We always try to go back and fourth between families while we visit, so the middle of our week was spent in Ithaca. Jordan's Mom is always so great, she's also easy to talk to, she gives good advice, and she always lets us chill out and laze around her house as much as we want. Got to spend a little time with Skylar, and the doggies, but we didn't get to see Sierra much this time, unfortunately. Eating is also one of my favorite pastimes while in Ithaca (okay, it's one of my favorite pastimes EVERYWHERE, but especially in Ithaca), the food is amazing, there are so many nice restaurants you can only find there, and ones that are actually affordable and unique. I miss being able to eat Ithacan food every day. Awesome sandwiches, really great pizza, the best Thai food I've ever had, locally-made icecream, and mini potato pancakes! Nothing in this area of Massachusetts even comes close, honestly. I mean there's Quincy Market in Boston, which is great, but even then, it's just not the same. I love staying up late, sitting in bed, eating delicious food and watching TV shows and movies with Jordan at his Mom's house, especially with a forest trail practically right outside the window and downtown only a short walk away. It reminds me of when Jordan and I were still in college, and we could spend every day like that.

Okay, this got really long and it's three AM, I should probably go to sleep soon...
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