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Today was surprisingly, amazingly... good!

Guess who's getting a job??

Brianne's bosses (who own the local cafe and Greek restaurant) were catering a benefit dinner today, and they asked me last week if I would help out, just as a volunteer. I agreed, so I got to work with Bri and helped set up the buffet table and then carried around appetizer trays for the guests (like they do at fancy dinner parties!), offering people shrimp and salmon during the dinner. Even though I was still feeling a little shy, it was actually fun, and the guests were really friendly. Once the appetizers were all gone and the guests were mostly finished eating, Bri and I got to enjoy some of the food there as well. After we finished cleaning up once it was all over, Brianne's boss Samira called me in to the back room and said she wants me to come into the Greek restaurant later this week so they can train me to use the cash register!
The real reason they asked me to help was so that they could see what kind of worker I was, and apparently they think I'm a good one. I suspected that was the reason they wanted me to help, but I didn't want to get my hopes up, just in case that wasn't the reason. But I really wanted to prove myself today, so I'm really happy that they thought I did well enough to want to hire me.

I also had my English final presentation this morning, which was basically just a meeting with my teacher and one on one discussion with her about the book from the course that I chose to speak about. The class was online, so I had never actually met her until today, but she was really nice, and I think I did pretty well. It went a lot more nicely than I thought it would, because, again, I had so much shyness and self-doubt. But things seemed to turn out well. Plus my teacher bought me a smoothie as a thank you for coming in so early, so that was really sweet of her. We ended up talking about other books after I finished the actual presentation discussion, so now I have a few I want to find for summer reading!

Tomorrow morning I have my math exam, I'm a bit nervous about that, but I think I can do all right.

I'll let you know how things go.
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