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Woo, Adventure!

Hello. I really am too lazy with updating.
I had a fun St. Patrick's Day. I went out with Trivy, Jeremy and Jordan. We went bar hopping (or bar... stumbling? Eh heh heh). I drink rarely, but when I do it tends to be a pretty good time, and St. Patrick's Day certainly was. Trivy called Jordan and I while we were at the convenience store looking for stuff to make mojitos. We all decided that they should come to town so we could hang out. When they got to our place Jordan made a mojito, which he didn't like, but I thought was pretty good. We did a couple of pre-adventure-time shots of rum and then headed out to the bars. They were crowded, but we anticipated that. I tried a couple of things at the first bar. Screwdrivers are good, but Jameson's tastes baaad. But there was another drink that tasted just like fruity pebbles in a glass. I have no idea what it's called, but that may be for the best.

At the second bar we went to, I had a "sex on the beach" (hurr hurr). Speaking of which, what would the plural of that be? "sexes on the beach"? "sex on the beaches"? And I stole some of Trivy's Long Island iced tea, which, what the fuck, has no tea in it whatsoever. The room started getting very wobbly at that point, and I was babbling and getting sleepy, but once we left and went outside, the fresh, cold air made me really giddy and hyperactive. And even more babbly. Climbing back up the hill to our apartment wasn't even tiring at all, though actually being back at the apartment was a bit of a fun blur. I remember trying to watch TV shows on netflix and having no idea what the hell was going on. "Why are there puppies?", "Holy crap, look at his shoes!", "Hahaha, Abe Lincoln, I love this one!".

Jordan, who was the least drunk of the drunk people (Jeremy was the only one totally sober- Trivy and I were both giggly puddles at this point), ordered some calzones. It took forever to get there, but they were really tasty and worth the wait. Poor Jeremy, since he was the only totally sober one, I decided to direct all of my random drunk nonsensical questions to him. But he seemed to think it was pretty funny, and was humoring us at least.
Trivy and Jeremy left after we ate, probably between two or three in the morning. I remember drinking water because I didn't want to get a hang over, and I also remember walking back and fourth in the hallway between the kitchen and Dave's room because I thought that would sober me up a little, then Jordan and I went to sleep.
I'm apparently pretty skilled at not getting hung over, because I managed not to! I woke up fine the next morning feeling fine.

So that was the fun St. Patrick's Day (well, night) Adventure.

And since that was really long, I'll save my other stuff for posting later.
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