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Busy week, but very fun.

Last week was actually fairly eventful.
Jordan and I went over to Brian's house on Wednesday to hang out with he and Brianne, because Brian's graduation party was Thursday. Jordan got a campfire going in the back yard and Brian grilled some hot dogs and such, then we hung out by the fire, and we had some drinks and some laughs, though Brianne didn't drink with us because she had work in the morning, which was a shame. Unfortunately there was some drama happening that night, but out of politeness for the people involved, I'm not going to get into detail about it here. It was resolved later anyway, and I'm glad for that.

The next day we woke up pretty early. Hooray for no one having a hang over. I don't think any of us drank quite enough for that. Brian made us breakfast, then most of the day was spent playing with Brian's niece and nephew, who are sweet kids. Brian was also kind enough to let me use his printer to make prints for the art show I'll be participating in later this month, since I don't have a printer of my own.
For the party, Brian's parents brought home his graduation cake and a crazy amount of chicken wings, ribs and other snacks. Yum! Brianne came back from work in time for dinner and cake, thankfully! I was so worried she might not show, since she had such a busy day. Later we all went for a walk together, sat by the stream, saw some cows and a creepy old house, and then after we got back, Brianne drove me to my parents' house, because Friday was Julia's prom.

So Friday, Julia's boyfriend Max and his cousin Charlelie took me to the art gallery to drop off my things, and then picked up the corsages they ordered for Julia and Caitlin. Later after Julia and the boys got ready, we all met up with Caitlin and her family and we took pictures of the prom dates together. When the prom-goers went out to dinner, Caitlin's father and sister came back with us to my parents' house and we watched some TV and had pizza. (Yikes, I ate worse this week than I ever do normally, but it was fun at least.)
Then at nine, we watched the prom arrival ceremony, which was really nice. Julia, Max, Charlelie and Caitlin all seemed to be having a great time, so I'm happy that they had so much fun.

Well now I'm back at my apartment, even though I had fun last week, it's always good to be home again. Last night Jordan and I went out for dinner at a local Japanese cafe, then when we got home, Jordan participated in a live, online game show on XBox, which was really neat; his Xbox avatar got to be in the audience of the show but even audience members get to answer questions. He knew a lot of them, but I got to help out with some too.
And today I'm going to finally go buy The Sims 3! I can't wait!!
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